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Fund Information


  • Legal structure: Segregated Portfolio - Open Ended.

  • Asset class: The Segregated Portfolio will allocate its assets into Quantitative Trading of futures contracts with a maximum tenor of 90 days

  • Currency: USD

  • Investment Advisor: ALT Capital Pte Ltd; 75 High Street, Singapore 179435

  • Subscription: Monthly

  • Redemption: Monthly with 7 days notice

  • Minimum Initial Investment (USD): 200,000

  • Incremental Investment (USD): 100,000

  • Management Fees: 1.0% per annum

  • Performance Fees: Subject to the High-water Mark the Investment Advisor, as of the end of each calendar month, will be entitled to receive a Performance Fee equal to 35% of the Net New Appreciation

  • Hurdle Rate: 8%

  • Target Return: Target Net return for investors is 50% p.a. over 3-month USD LIBOR

  • Redemption Terms: Redemption of shares available on the first Business Day of each calendar month (with 7 days notice)

  • Investment Terms: Monthly Investment available on the first Business day of each month

  • Fiscal Year: 1st January to December 31st

  • Custodian: Interactive Brokers LLC; 2 Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830, United States.

  • Fund Administrator: Apex Fund Services (Dubai) Ltd.; Gate Village, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai.

  • Fund Manager: Emerging Asset Management Ltd; Vallis Building, 4th Floor, 58 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM11, Bermuda

  • Auditors: Deloitte; One Capital Place, Grand Cayman KY-1109, Cayman Islands

  • Legal Advisors: Walkers (Dubai) LLP; Level 14, Burj Daman, Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Swiss Representative and Paying Agent: REYL & CIE LTD; 62, rue du Rhône, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

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